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Home Lift Questions And Answers

Many questions arise when deciding which home lift you should purchase or even if you need a domestic lift in the first place. Below is a selection of common questions and answers. These questions give you an idea to what you should ask the technical surveyor when he or she visits your property.

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The smallest footprint on the market for a residential lift belongs to the two person lift that we offer, the Duo, this versatile lift has a footprint of just 0.62m2.

Most home lifts very flexible when it comes to placement and can be fitted virtually anywhere, for example the corner of a room, a stairwell void or even in a cupboard.

Our selected home lifts are completely self supporting. The weight of the entire structure and lift are in compression through the rails into the floor and so don't add any extra burden to the home.

Some domestic lifts do require external power packs or pumps. It really does depend on the proposed location of the lift. Normally, the governing factor is the ceiling height of the first floor.

For the lifts that we have to offer the building work is minimal. Our installers would need to cut out and trim the appropriate sized aperture, this would normally take one day.

Once the aperture has been prepared for the lift the manufacturers expert engineers will usually be able to fit the lift and have it operational in one day.

Although in some cases it can take as little as three weeks the usual time from placement of order to completion is four to six weeks. This allows enough time to cut and trim the aperture, manufacture and install the lift.

Home lifts are fitted, as standard, with an impressive array of safety features designed to prevent accidents. For more details on safety features please visit our Home Lifts Details page.

In the event of a power cut the home lifts that we feature are fitted, as standard, with a battery backup facility. This will allow the user to descend to the lower floor and wait until the power is restored.

Some home lifts can be noisy if they use hydraulics or loud mechanical equipment. Our featured lifts use a electric motor drive system that is located discreetly in the top of the lift car and this system is very quiet.

Our featured home lifts can be tailored to suit your specific tastes. You can choose the carpet, rail and lift car colours to suit your home. There is also a range of different seats and hand rails available.

Our selection of home lifts are available in several sizes, each model has a cabin size specifically to accommodate a wheelchair.

Home lift prices vary depending on various factors associated with site conditions. The only way to get a truly accurate quote is to arrange for a technical surveyor to visit, make an assessment and outline the costs to you. A basic lift with associated building work would start around £11.5k installed.

Information Help And Advice

For more information, help and advice, receive a competitive quote, arrange a home lift survey or request a brochure please complete our on line form. One of our fully trained advisors will be happy to help you find the right home lift to suit your needs.