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Different Types Of Domestic Lifts

There are a number of different domestic lifts on the market from traditional, platform and through the floor. We feature through the floor lifts on this website as we believe that, for most people, they offer the most practical and affordable solution for domestic use.

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Traditional And Platform Lifts

For traditional lifts it is necessary to construct a lift shaft or hoistway, although a platform lift can be installed without a shaft it would still require a steel enclosure. in most cases it is also necessary to build a pit on the basement level. Whether hydraulic or winding drum the lifts can be quite noisy. The main advantages with traditional and platform lifts are that they can travel multiple floors and have a greater weight capacity.

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Through The Floor Lifts

The main disadvantage to a through the floor lift is that it can only travel up to one floor, although in most cases for domestic use this is all that is needed. Through the floor lifts require very little construction work, a builder would need to cut an aperture in the ceiling for the lift car to pass through. These types of lift are self supporting and do not need load bearing walls. Through the floor lifts use extremely quiet electric motors some of which require space for a separate power pack. The Duo and Trio home lifts featured on this website are completely self contained with all the mechanics neatly enclosed at the top of the lift car.

Information Help And Advice

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